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Truffles Press

 Mycorrhiza Biotech, LLC specializes in the application of mycorrhiza biotechnology for the improvement of agriculture. We have developed patent-pending technology that uses a natural resource, loblolly pine, to cultivate a high value crop, gourmet truffles, while simultaneously improving the plant's productivity - CALL TODAY FOR A FREE CONSULTATION.  As a full-service laboratory, we provide a wide range of services in bioremediation and design of custom assays in the fields of environmental engineering, environmental restoration, environmental monitoring, and characterization of fungi in pure culture.  While Mycorrhiza Biotech specializes in truffle detection, analysis, and propagation we have a division dedicated to researching all farming, forestry, and nutrition applications that benefit from mycorrhizal fungi.  We are currently developing products to extend the profitability of timber and nut farming operations. Our scientists have identified many potential fungi-crop relationships that will augment traditional crop production.

Additionally we conduct DNA fingerprinting and analysis of unknown organisms present in material of interest provided by our customers using state of the art biotechnology techniques. MBT’s expertise in project execution and management ensures that projects are completed in time and on budget.  Mycorrhiza Biotech, LLC is at the forefront of innovative biotechnology for agriculture. Our executives are PMP certified and adhere to the highest industry standards for project management enabling us to deliver products and services that meet client requirements on-time and on-budget.

Mycorrhiza Biotech, LLC is committed to delivering superior services utilizing information technology and management best practices. We will continue to provide unparalleled detection and analysis services through a customized delivery model to meet our customers’ unique needs.